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Rental Property Brush Removal Bloomington Indiana - Photo by Henryk Niestrój

Photo: Henryk Niestrój

Have a rental property that needs to be cleared of brush?

At Indiana Brush, we’re happy to tackle properties with overgrown hedges, invasive plants, and downed trees.

In fact, seeing a house with growth around it like the above picture is an exciting prospect for owner Terran Marks.

He’s happy to take a walk with you through your rental property to assess what needs to be removed and what needs to stay.

Remove Unwanted Brush the Low-Carbon Way

We use electric chainsaws, hand saws, loppers, pruners, and clippers to remove bushes, shrubs, overgrown ornamental grasses, and small trees.

All woody material and debris will be cut up and placed in yard bags to be removed by Bloomington sanitation services.

Using this existing city service and relying on electric saws rather than gas-powered ones reduces pollution and carbon use in Bloomington.

Don’t need full brush removal?

Trim Rental Property Hedges

Trim Rental Property Hedges Bloomington IndianaDo the hedges on your rental property just need a trim?

We’re happy to do that, too!

We’ll discuss the final shape and height of the hedges before starting work.

All reasonable efforts will be made to remove clippings from your mulched areas and flower beds. Any leaf fragments left will quickly turn into a good, useful soil.

Have bigger property problems?

We Do Storm Damage Clean-up

Storm Damage Cleanup Bloomington Indiana

We’re happy to take a look at downed trees, broken limbs, and other storm damage.

If desired, we can arrange to remove the material entirely or repurpose it:

  • Wood rounds are great for seats around fire rings.
  • Thickets made out of cut branches provide good habitat for birds and small animals.
  • If left to decompose, it will improve the soil on your property.

How We Do It:

  • Terran assesses the downed tree for stability and makes a cutting plan.
    • You never want to just dive into cutting. Branch tension on downed trees can be deceptive.
  • The safest method is usually to start from the branch tips and work your way toward the stump, reducing tension and gradually lowering the body of the tree as you go.
    • Sometimes it’s easier and safer to work from the butt-end of the tree. This is especially true with conifers like the one Terran is cutting in the photo below.
  • Terran cuts pieces into firewood size or baggable lengths as he goes.
  • Once cutting is finished, pieces of similar size are grouped and stacked.
  • Finally, the material is either bagged up at the curb (small material), loaded into a truck, or left to decompose in the location you select.
  • Terran finishes by raking any small debris that won’t decompose within a couple of rounds of mowing.

Terran Cutting - Indiana Brush

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