Storm Damage

Storm Damage to Trees on Your Property?

We can help with that!

Storm Damage Tree Cleanup Bloomington Indiana - Indiana Brush

These clients had a large tree fall on one of their dog kennels, destroying the fencing and knocking down a satellite dish.

We carefully came in and cut the tree into manageable pieces. After removing the tree sections, the clients were able to recycle the fence and rebuild the pen.

Back to Normal Life in a Few Hours Rather than Days

When heavy storms happen, the damage that’s caused can seem overwhelming.

But with some friendly local expertise, you can be back to your normal life in a matter of hours

Terran Marks, the owner of Indiana Brush, has extensive experience dealing with damaged trees and brush.

He’s always happy to talk with you about the ins and outs of storm clean-up. You can contact him directly at

How We Remove Storm Damaged Trees

Here are the simplified steps Terran uses to remove storm damaged trees:

  1. Terran will take some time to assess the downed tree for tension and potential weight shifts that can occur when he starts to cut.
  2. After feeling satisfied with his game plan, he methodically starts cutting using a low-carbon chainsaw.
  3. He will gradually cut the tree into manageable pieces that can be stacked and/or bagged for removal.
  4. Pieces of similar size will be grouped together. Smaller material gets placed in 40-pound limit yard waste bags to be taken away by city of Bloomington sanitation.
  5. Finally, Terran will rake away any debris that won’t decompose within a couple rounds of mowing.

The Result: Your Life Back to Normal

If you’re interested in talking more about current storm damage or preparing for storm damage in the future, please contact us!

The best time to reduce danger is before the storm hits.

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